Rome ePrix winner Mitch Evans believes there is “no reason” why he can’t win the remaining races this season

“There is no reason why not,” Rome ePrix winner Mitch Evans tells me when I ask if he can win the remaining races in the Formula E calendar this year. He has a huge grin on his face, stinks of champagne and sweat and is bouncing from the contestant hype from the media pen. Just minutes earlier, Evans took not only his first Formula E win after two and a half seasons, but also finally helped Jaguar Racing clench their first win in the all-electric motorsport.

Speaking exclusively to after the race, Evans described the thrill of this first Formula E win and how he managed to keep his cool one year after a possible podium in Rome slipped through his fingertips – oh and the part when he referred to himself as an “absolute idiot” for missing the second attack mode by just centimetres with a hungry Andre Lotterer breathing down his neck to take the lead of the ePrix.

“Did you wake up this morning and think that today you would win your first Formula E race,” the interview began. “To be honest,” Evans paused, “no.”

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What’s the secret to Formula E’s most competitive season?

Six different winners. Six different manufacturers. Six different races. It’s the angle that the marketing team at Formula E have used to promote season five of the all-electric championship so far, and rightfully so. It is a scenario most modern motorsport series could only dream of.

Such variety, unpredictability and uncertainty has kept both fans and those within Formula E on their toes, with drivers even stating themselves that they aren’t sure as to why this year has produced some of the closest racing the series has ever seen. Could it be that Formula E boasts one of the greatest grids of drivers seen in motorsport, or the fact that we have recently upgraded to the new second generation of cars that are faster and all the teams are just pushing to the absolute maximum?

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How Gary Paffett left DTM as Champion to find new challenges in Formula E

Imagine racing in one of motorsport’s best championships, competing for a top manufacturer and heading for your second drivers’ title. Sounds like the dream, right? For Gary Paffett, 2018 should have been a simple: focus on winning the DTM Championship title with Mercedes.

DTM was a series Paffett had raced in for the past fifteen years with great success but that was all to come to an end when Mercedes announced they would be quitting DTM at the end of the 2018 season, in favour of the all-electric Formula E Championship.

“Shock. Utter shock,” was how Paffett described to when explaining his initial reaction to the news that Mercedes were leaving DTM. “It was something that shocked all of us, it really did. Nobody expected it to happen. There are always rumours here or there about one manufacturer pulling out of this or that, but Mercedes have been the ones that have been [in DTM] through everything. They are the ones that held it together when it was struggling. They had been there for thirty years without a break. So, it was a big shock not only to the outside world but to us in the team because nobody saw it coming.”

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