I am not a morning person. Alarm clocks and caffeine struggle to motivate me to get out of bed and start the day, however the idea of a long line of Italian supercars parked around one of the UK’s best-loved motor racing circuit works every time.

The Goodwood Citcuit hosts the ‘Breakfast Club’ several times every year, each with a different theme but all equally as impressive and special. The free event allows a limited amount of car fanatics to display their precious machinery for all to see, whether that be a neon orange Lamborghini or a slightly more modest Fiat 500. With the stunning array of cars and bikes lining the start-finish straight of the iconic race track, the public are soon welcomed and the event is in full swing.

This morning, I drove to Goodwood for their ‘Italian Sunday’ Breakfast Club and was not disappointed. The sun was bouncing off of the long line of freshly polished Ferrari’s and the standard of cars in attendance made it one of my favourite Breakfast Clubs so far.

As you walk around, admiring the display and taking photos of your most-liked motors, you once again are reminded how special Goowood really is. With the Sussex Downs as your backdrop, Union Jacks flying high in the sky and the sun shining down on the race track, you realise just how lucky we are to have such a outstanding piece of motor racing history in such an exceptional state.


As well as being rewarded by such a sublime selection of cars for your early Sunday morning start, Goodwood are also on hand to offer a variety of hearty breakfast options. These vary from hot dogs to ice cream, with catering facilities dotted around the track, as well as a diversity of warm refreshment options.

Today’s Breakfast Club was the penultimate one of the season, with next month’s theme being ‘Hot Hatch Sunday’. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Volkswagen Golf GTi, the event promises to bring a horde of cult classics in addition to modern ‘youngtimer’ alternatives. This Hot Hatch event being held om the 6th November and brings an end to the 2016 Breakfast Clubs.

Over the year, the public have been treated to themes such as ‘Soft Tops’, ‘ Full Throttle’ and ‘Thoroughbred Sunday’, with today’s event being the fourth out of the five Breakfast Clubs available.

Although the event sees no action on track, you can tell that everyone in attendance is there because they are passionate. Smiles are exchanged as you wonder around and you can tell that there is a real appreciation for what is laid out for you.

Your time at the track even ends on a high as you are able to witness several of the cars retire from the morning event, being sure to put on a show on the country roads of Sussex as they drive their supercars back home.



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