Current GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly explains why is not a fan of the halo device, after trialling it with Red Bull Racing late last year.

It’s one of the hottest topics in Formula 1 right now: should the halo protection device be introduced into the sport? A small percentage think it is a necessary step forward for the safety of the sport, others argue that it will ruin the dangerous aspect that both the drivers and fans love. One driver who have voiced his opinion against the idea of the halo device is 2016 GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly, with the GP2 Championship recently being rebranded as the FIA Formula 2 Championship.

Gasly, who tested the halo device in July last year, shared this thoughts on Twitter by saying he “was not a big fan” during his test with Red Bull Racing. Whilst talking with Frenchman Gasly, I was keen to understand his reasoning behind the dislike of the device that is on track for deployment in 2018.

“Of course we can’t joke with safety, it is really important,” Gasly states. “I think the safety now is really good. We feel confident as drivers, to drive in these cars.

“We all know Formula 1 as it is at the moment and it has always been like this, since the first few years of the championship. Motorsport, especially in single seaters, has always been a risky sport and that is why we love it. As a driver, I know from my side, when you jump in the car there is always that risk but then always of course you accept it.

“If you don’t [accept that risk] you can do something else, in LMP for example, as a closed cockpit as that is an option. However I think [Formula 1] has always been an open cockpit and it should stay as it is at the moment.”

Back in January at the annual Watkins Lecture, held at the Autosport International Show, FIA Safety Director Laurent Mekies confirmed that the halo was till on track for 2018 deployment in the Formula 1 Championship.

“[The FIA] have looked at every crash in the last ten years,” Mekies told the audience during the lecture. Whilst analysing the crashes, the FIA also tried the halo on all drivers in the sport and later confirmed that the ‘halo project’ was completed.

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