You asked, I answered. Hope you enjoy this quick question and answer session. If you have any more questions, ask away through my Twitter account (@katyfairman) and I will try and get back to them!


What advice would you give to online writers starting out? – @MrDangerDaysF1, @KellyC10E and @anna00992002

Firstly, I would say ‘get started’. I speak to so many people who aren’t sure about creating a blog or putting their work out there, just do it. I am lucky that when I started, nobody was really interested in reading my work so my audience was pretty small but that grew with time.

Make sure you are familiar with what you are writing about. I had a good understanding about Formula 1 when I started my blog so that was my focus, but whatever your topic make sure it’s something you are comfortable writing about. I find having such a strong understanding of certain motorsport series adds an extra depth to my writing and makes it a more enjoyable experience to not only write but for others to read.

Of course you will be faced with topics that you aren’t as familiar with or maybe have no knowledge on at all, but investigating and learning is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

Another tip would be to ask others for advice. I’m always willing to help out with questions or queries, although please don’t think I am an expert! As well as asking for advice, I would also stress to experiment with the tools that you have. Almost all the designing of my website, and my writing to an extent, was self-taught – which can be both a positive and a negative.


Who inspired you to start blogging in the first place and what is the biggest thing you have learnt and got from your experiences? – @Beccilouise98

My friend Katrin was the one who got me blogging. She suggested the idea to me when I commented that I was bored over the summer holidays. She had recently created a beauty blog as that was her field of expertise so for me it seemed obvious to start a blog on Formula 1.

I didn’t have anyone in the industry that inspired me, but over time I have discovered other blogs and websites that I enjoy and take inspiration from. I am a really creative person so I don’t tend to ‘copy’ ideas off people, I like to find inspiration from other places like magazines and just daily life.

The biggest thing I have learnt is to take every opportunity that comes your way. It could be anything from assisting in writing a press release to working as accredited media at a track for an entire race weekend. I have found that in this industry, opportunities come around with very short notice so be prepared for anything!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career to date and what did you learn from it? – @robwattsF1

I have two that have come to mind.

The first would be from last summer. Although I had spent time previously working in motorsport paddocks, then with a charity organisation, last year I had my first experience in a motorsport paddock as accredited media for FIA Formula E Pre-Season Testing. Although it was an incredible experience, it was all very surreal and I had a lot to learn and take in. Fortunately the all-electric Formula E Championship is something I have followed and reported on since its founding, however being in the paddock for those few days helped me further develop my interviewing and communication skills, and just generally built my confidence in approaching drivers and team personnel.

The second is something far more personal. A challenge that I face on a regular basis is simply if I want to carry on with motorsport journalism. Having a dream that requires your constant energy and keeping highly motivated will inevitably be quite draining, especially if you are balancing a full-time job on the side too. I plan on writing about these thoughts in a separate post and what I do to remain inspired and keep my chasing the goal of working in motorsport.


Do you have any plans for more MotoGP coverage, or is it not possible due to F1 and MotoGP schedule conflicts? – @frstrtddilation

I plan on covering a lot of series on my website. When I say cover, I mean write pieces such as features or interviews on particular motorsport series. I don’t intend to be a news site, obviously if I receive a press release that is of interest or get a scoop through an interview, I will share it on my website but I don’t intend to be a site for the latest news – you have Autosport et al for that.

So yes, plenty more MotoGP and Formula 1 coverage planned over the year.
Watch this space.


What is your favourite podcast? – @LeanAnglePod

Well this could get awkward… I think the most diplomatic answer would be ‘I don’t have a favourite podcast, I love all podcasts’.

A few that I can think of off the top of my head would be Motorsport 101, Missed Apex, Motorcast Podcast and of course Lean Angle! I don’t listen to podcasts as much as I should, I normally find myself listening to music on long journeys, but it is something I would like to get more into.

Other notable mentions are the BBC’s Chequered Flag podcast and Autosport’s podcast. So much choice!

Is MotoGP the best sport in the world?! – @CStevens_journo

I don’t know if it is the “best sport in the world”, but it is certainly one of the top motorsport championships in the world. Although I only started watching seriously last year, and what a year to chose, I am always engaged to every second of the racing. The speed, amount of overtaking, insane talent of the riders and offering such a masterclass in how to promote a sport in the right way does make MotoGP one of the best championships out there.


Where would you like to be in five years time? – @ChChCharli

In five years I would like to making a living from working in motorsport. Whether that be as a journalist for a publication or doing PR for a team or business. That’s the goal.




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