Panasonic Jaguar Racing pilot Adam Carroll has stated that Monaco, host to the all-electric racing series this weekend, should continue to feature on the Formula E calendar as it’s an iconic location and could be seen as “the most famous race [circuit] in the world.”

Discussing the importance of a round in Monaco for the Formula E Championship to, Carroll explained that Formula E must race in Monaco either on a year-by-year basis or that scheduling it for the future.

“Monaco is absolutely essential for the Formula E calendar. It’s one of the most famous races in the world, if not the most famous. It is very iconic. It’s good to be here. You can add new cities, new countries as well and as Formula E grows I’m sure it will be nice to get up to more racers which will be merrier.”

In addition to the importance of Monaco, the future of the Formula E Calendar was also discussed and questioned if the sport should welcome more rounds on the calendar, which is currently at round 5 of 12, which includes three double-headers at Berlin, New York and season finale in Montreal.

“I think a number of 15 races would be quite nice. The challenge that Formula E has is in organising events like this, like racing in New York has never been done. With certain cities, like these big cities, a lot of things happen in a year so you might be able to fit it in one year and schedule something in its space for the next year. I am sure on their side it’s not easy and you have a lot of other parties trying to stop you, like we saw in Berlin I guess. You know it’s not going to be easy on their side but I think in time that is what will happen and cities will commit for longer and will organisation will get better which is all part of the development.”

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