British racing star Alex Lynn looked set to make his FIA Formula E debut on the streets of Monaco this weekend with DS Virgin Racing, after team-mate Jose Maria Lopez sustained an injury at Silverstone racing in the World Endurance Championship. Although we must wait until the end of the first practice session to understand if Lopez is fit enough to race, I caught up with Lynn to discuss his thoughts on the all-electric championship and why racing in the centre of London is “what dreams are made of”.

Will we see you racing today? I know we have to see how Jose Maria Lopez is feeling after Practice 1 this morning.

“To be honest with you, I think Lopez is fine. I’d be very surprised if I jumped in. First of all I hope Lopez is all well and fine, he’s a cool guy and I enjoy spending time with him, so that is my main concern really.”

Will we find you in Paris next week for round six of the championship?

“I am not sure if I’ll be in Paris. We will see as I have a few other commitments with other racing but it will obviously depend on what happens on Monaco race day to see if I’ll be needed in Paris.”

Is Formula E something that you’d like to race in full-time?

“I am really enjoying Formula E so far. I’m certainly looking forward to New York which will hopefully be my first event and then going forward into some more in the future.”

Have you followed the championship since the beginning or have you watched it and knew you wanted to get involved?

“Formula E has come such a long way in just a short space of time. So as a driver it’s very appealing, I mean we go to some cool places and glamourous events. We are attracting big manufacturers and that is what really appeals to a driver. From my side, it certainly caught my attention quite quickly and I am just excited to get the opportunity to give it a go.”

Are there any other locations that you would like to see Formula E head to? Obviously we have lost our London round, would you like that back?

“For obvious reasons I think that would be so cool. Which I hear they are trying really really hard to get a London round back. That would be mega.”

Would you like to see a return to Battersea Park, or actually in the heart of the city?

“That would be epic, down the Mall or something like that. It’s what dreams are made of, racing there.”

With the calendar, we have twelve rounds including these double-headers. Do you think Formula E should try and stretch itself and get more rounds on the calendar.

“It’s such a cool championship, the bigger it grows the more cities will get involved and the more rounds we will have. It will become bigger and better and as a championship I think that would be pretty special.”

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