Felix Rosenqvist is a driver that seems to ace any motorsport championship that is thrown his way. Whether that be single-seaters or endurance racing, he delivers top results in every discipline he does. Which is why it seems bizzare that this Swedish superstar of a driver has yet to race at Monaco professionally.

“I think it is great for the championship to have Monaco,” he starts. “If you were to ask normal people on the street which race they know about, it’s Monaco. To win here, it’s something that boosts every driver so it is definitely a highlight of the year. I haven’t driven here so it’s going to be also a dream to drive something around here.”

As well as racing in Monaco, a round that last hosted Formula E back in 2015, the championship will visit many other European countries and cities this year. Although the possibility of racing in Rome was suggested for a future venue for an ePrix by at the end of last month, Rosenqvist made known his desire to race round the streets of Sweden – an ePrix that would be a home race for him.

“To race in Sweden would be cool. To race in Stockholm or Copenhagen which is close to Malmö, where I used to live. Italy would be nice as we haven’t been there yet. Overall I am quite happy with the calendar.”

Racing for Mahindra, an Indian team in the championship, during his debut year of the all-electric sport, Felix also believed that India had an audience for this motorsport championship, despite Formula 1, another FIA Championship, not securing a stable future in the country.

“I think there is an audience for Formula E in India. The fans are quite keen on it. India is also a country that would fit in with their current thinking about cars in general with road vehicles. We do also only have one race in Asia this year, which is the race in Hong Kong, so I think it would be nice to go there.”

Despite suffering damage to the car during FP1 on Saturday morning in Monaco, impact to the front wing caused by driving into the back of a slowing Oliver Turvey under yellow flags, Felix’s debut on the streets of the iconic Monaco have proved to be successful so far.

“I have been really happy all season. Those last couple of laps of a race have not been to our benefit for the three other races. I had a good race in Marrakesh, leading the race and then losing out in the last couple of laps to P3. We have had good qualifying performance and good race performance but not on the same day. That is what we are trying to do here, to create a solid weekend and to put things together and be up front.”

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