Mitch Evans is a cheeky Kiwi that at the age of just 22, is the youngest Formula E driver on the current grid. Driving for British team Panasonic Jaguar Racing, Evans has proved himself to be a huge talent behind the wheel of his all-electric Jaguar I-TYPE, scoring championship points in the past two consecutive races.  Despite only competing in his and the team’s fifth Formula E ePrix over the weekend, the former GP2 race winner has made the transition into Formula E and it’s fair to say his performance is looking, well electric.

“I’m absolutely loving the Formula E Championship so far,” Evans begins, talking  exclusively to “It’s a great paddock with lots of talented and highly skilled people and drivers. Few championships have got the same calibre of drivers we have in Formula E and driving for Panasonic Jaguar Racing is a huge honour.”

He’s right. The collection of drivers available in the series makes it one of the best motorsport has to offer. Champions from season one and two include Sebastien Buemi and Nelson Piquet Jr of both Formula 1 and World Endurance success, with the rest of the current field being the likes of British star Sam Bird, Macau icon Felix Rosenqvist and three-time WTCC Champion Jose Maria Lopez.

So how does Formula E compare to other racing series that Mitch has taken part in such as GP2, GP3 and the Toyota Racing Series.

“You are very busy behind wheel in the Jaguar I-TYPE. We do approximately 40 actions in one single lap on top of the actual racing. It’s the busiest I’ve ever been behind the wheel. I expected to be busy behind the wheel and it’s a challenge. It is also a very hectic race with all the drivers going all in, at all times so you have to keep extremely alert at all times as well as keeping an eye on your own energy consumption which will impact the your strategy for the race.”

Having joined the series for season three of the championship, partnering Adam Carroll as a driver for Panasonic Jaguar Racing and being part of Jaguar’s return to motorsport, the development of the team has been positive. Evans managed to secure P4 in Mexico last month and finished in tenth at Monaco over the weekend.

“Panasonic Jaguar Racing have made a massive leap forward since our first race in Hong Kong,” the New Zealander confirms. “Our competitors have had a two-year head start so we have had a lot of catching up to do but the team has really risen to the challenge and produced some incredible results in such a short amount of time and in only five races. With the rapid learning curve the team has embarked on, I’m confident that we will continue to optimise how we approach each race weekend and take on further learnings that will continue to develop the team for the rest of the season.”

With the sport arriving in Paris this coming weekend, fresh from the “legendary circuit” in Monaco, Evans stated that he thought it was important to find a balance between visiting new cities and introducing them to the all-electric racing series and keep fans coming back to watch the racing year on year.

“Personally, I think that a mix of both new cities and repeating venues is a positive way forward. Although it’s great to explore and race in new cities to bring Formula E to even more people, it’s also good to have some consistency so that it becomes a yearly event that people look forward too. Equally, the more often you come back, the more people will have heard about the event and those who couldn’t make it the year before now get the opportunity to come and experience the race.

“For Jaguar to be part of a championship that brings racing to the city centres and on people’s doorsteps is very cool. As our cars are zero emissions and have a much lower noise than other motorsport series we can race in the middle of the most popular and vibrant cities in the world.”

Image source: Jaguar Media Site.


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