The FIA Formula E Championship is known for its fast-paced, action-packed race days. We are witness to two practice sessions, qualifying and a race all within a Saturday, in addition to the handful of fan engagement sessions that are scattered through out the day for visitors of the all-electric racing series.

These crazy schedules have always been a challenge for the drivers and teams in the sport. It tests the stamina of the racing drivers and the displays the skill the mechanics and engineers have in order to get a car up and running in such a short space of time, as well as fixing any damaged sustained during a session.

This one day format has been praised by many fans as they are almost always entertained with cars on track or attending autograph sessions, however MS Amlin Andretti driver Antonio Felix da Costa thinks that Formula E should rethink its schedule for the future of the sport.

When asked what he would like to add or remove from the current format of the race weekend, da Costa told “I think we should spread the Formula E into two days.”

“I know the format is that it’s all done during one day but it would be better for everyone, even the fans I think. It is busy for us, it’s busy for the crew, the mechanics.”

With the introduction of Roborace to the series, as well as the eVillage and several opportunities to meet favourite drivers, fans are already treated to a fantastic display of interaction with the sport. However the itinerary for the drivers and teams is challenging and it’s understandable that the drivers are beginning to feel the strain.

One suggestion to help stretch content for fans was the introduction of a junior series.

“That would be ideal,” da Costa states, “but you would have to create a complete electric series and I don’t think that will be a quick fix. That is why, at the moment we need to keep it all in one day, for the moment. To keep everyone entertained out on track for four to five times a day.”

Photo credit: FIA Formula E

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