Having undoubtedly dominated the Rome ePrix this weekend, Felix Rosenqvist suffered a race-ending blow to his Mahindra’s left rear suspension which not only lead to his retirement but a retirement from the lead of the race. Understandably sombre whilst making his way to the media pen after the race, he spoke to katyfairman.com about what went wrong and how he must now tackle his 2017/18 Formula E campaign having lost another win this season.

“It was just a suspension failure,” Rosenqvist confirmed. “Basically I hit the curb. I was going over the curb in same way as I had done before in turn, I think it is turn 17, and just gave up the left rear suspension.

“I was looking in my mirror at my [wonky] wheel and I had to stop. Once [I made the impact], I couldn’t continue as my drive shaft was broken as well.”

It was a disappointing day for a driver that had showed so much promise. Being a front runner during the practice sessions on the Saturday morning as well as setting a blistering qualifying time that placed him top of the time sheets.

“We have had a really solid day. Good Practice sessions, with good 200 laps, I think that is the main key and that doesn’t happen often that you can make both happen very well.

“Confidence in qualifying was very high, it was quite different from my previous qualifying so I think it was just a really good day and we did everything right. I think we nailed everything we could nail but unfortunately it was a small thing [that ended the race].”

Asked if he has had to change his aim of winning the drivers’ title this year, Rosenqvist replied: “At this point you just want a goal of finishing races when you are leading. That is the main goal and then I think things will happen automatically. Clearly now we are on the catch up and get our act together but looking forward.”



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