As ‘Hyperboost’, a working-title, was confirmed to be the newest change to the FIA Formula E Championship for the 2018/19 season, many drivers don’t seem too keen on the new idea, with the prospect of it being too gimmicky a serious risk.

Hyperboost, a power mode that would see the drivers receive a ‘boost’ of energy from 200kw to 250kw, was confirmed to be coming into effect from next season at the FIA World Motorsport Council earlier this week.

The idea of the Hyperboost was created to generate a variety in strategies, after the need for mid-race pit stops and car swaps are to be eliminated from 2018/19 with the introduction of the Gen2 car. It would see drivers have to make a mandatory journey off the racing line to collect this extra boost of energy which is expected to last several laps. However, Panasonic Jaguar Driver Mitch Evans believes that Formula E need to minimise the gimmicky ‘Mario Kart’ ideas and focus on a ‘Push to Pass’ system as seen in IndyCar.

“It is a bit hard and too early to judge on the Hyperboost thing,” Evans told “Obviously it is quite a unique thing to do. I was for the idea of maybe having a maybe ‘push to pass’ boosts, like how they have in other racing categories, because then you can save them, use them or whatever.

“But after a few races I think teams will start to work out the most optimal way to use the Hyperboost. At least they could mix it up, then one race it is two minutes and the next race it is four. I think they need to do that, so people will sort of re-evaluate it and to spice it up.

“I think after a season it will work out that the best way to [use Hyperboost] is ‘if you do it in the first five laps’ or ‘the last five laps’ or whatever it is. But I don’t know how to go do it in terms of implementing it. That has all got to be thought out really well because there is no pit stop, there is a new strategy involved and that is going to spice up the racing. I am hoping it to work, but I also want people to take it seriously.

“It’s been said too much in the media about this ‘mario kart’, throwing bananas out of the cars, and Formula E can’t have that – we have already got a big set of people taking the piss out of it, not taking it seriously. It kind of has to take a little bit of a step back from that, so it is a little bit of a concern but I am sure they have thought about it. They know the direction that they want to take.”


One thought on “‘Push to pass’ option preferred for Formula E Season Five says Evans

  1. I agree with Mitch, but I also think the system of having a sustained higher power level for a few laps could work. But I don’t think it should be activated by going off the racing line. FE doesn’t need to be Mario Kart or Wipeout.

    I would do a button activation. 2 uses per race and it lasts for approx 2-3 mins. It would achieve the objective of being different from a regular push to pass system which boosts for less time. But it wouldn’t last so long so as to overshadow the rest of the racing. And it should provide some very compelling strategy.


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