He secured his first pole position around the streets of Paris last time out, only to have it snatched from his grasp due to the car having “non-respect of the minimum tyre pressure”. This weekend in Monaco he starts the race in P3 after a penalty from Oliver Rowland promotes him up a place on the grid.

Despite racing around the famous Monaco street circuit during his time in F1, the Formula E rookie said that racing around this shorter version of the famous grand prix track layout was like learning the track all over again.

“I would like to drive the whole track,” Wehrlien told http://www.katyfairman.com. “I didn’t expect it [to be the full grand prix track] so I am not disappointed. The full track is really nice and I would like to do it but it is a new track again for me.

“Obviously it is similar to F1, parts of it, but there are new cars and new references. We have better weather than in Paris, and also than in Rome, so there will be different behaviour on the tyres [this weekend].”

With the Monaco track layout being resurfaced recently ahead of the E-Prix this weekend, there had been some concerns as to how tyres would perform under the heat as they had proved quite sensitive at prior races this year.

“I don’t think the new surface will effect any simulator work we have done, because in the sim you don’t really have the bumps, it is a bit different. The weather also shouldn’t be an issue for the new track.”

As for whether the Mahindra’s will be competitive this weekend, Pascal “hopes so”.

“We were competitive again in Paris which was a relief, as the last few races were a bit more difficult. It was good to be back but we got disqualified in qualifying which was a disappointment. We hope we have the same pace here in Monaco and do not get disqualified!”

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