Exclusive Interview with YouTube Star Tiametmarduk

Benjamin Daly, better known to fans as Tiametmarduk, “makes videos sometimes” according to his Instagram biography. The statement is true to an extent, but what he doesn’t delve into is that he has an audience of over 200,000 subscribers all loyally watching his Formula 1 gameplay or vlogs which now have a total 77.7 million YouTube hits on his channel. Seriously impressive stuff seeing as Daly started making videos only a few years ago. I caught up with the Aussie to talk about his journey into YouTube, the opportunities he has received through his videos and what the future of simulation racing could look like.

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Gasly: single seaters should remain ‘open cockpit’

Current GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly explains why is not a fan of the halo device, after trialling it with Red Bull Racing late last year.

It’s one of the hottest topics in Formula 1 right now: should the halo protection device be introduced into the sport? A small percentage think it is a necessary step forward for the safety of the sport, others argue that it will ruin the dangerous aspect that both the drivers and fans love. One driver who have voiced his opinion against the idea of the halo device is 2016 GP2 Champion Pierre Gasly, with the GP2 Championship recently being rebranded as the FIA Formula 2 Championship.

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In Detail: Meet Motorsport Jewellery Designer Alyssa Smith

Most of you will know about Alyssa Smith. Her marvellous motorsport jewellery has caught the imagination of thousands and are adored by both fans and those in the media. Taking time from her crazy schedule, I managed to catch up with Alyssa to find out where the idea of a motorsport collection came about and what life as a jewellery designer is really like.

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