Motorsport’s best championship? It has to be MotoGP

With MotoGP concluding in an epic showdown in Valencia last weekend, Marc Marquez being crowned the 2017 World Champion in a bonkers 30 lap race to the chequered flag, it cemented the decision for me that MotoGP is currently motorsport’s hottest property.

I have been following the two-wheeled championship since the Mugello round in Italy last year after acquiring BT Sport on my TV. Since that first-action packed race and a mind-blowing last lap battle from Marquez and then-champion Jorge Lorenzo, I have been hooked. For me, at this moment in time, it remains the only racing series that without fail has me on the edge of my sofa every race, jumping up and down and shouting at the television: surely how motorsport is meant to be, right?

Where other mainstream motorsports have failed in my expectations over the last couple years, MotoGP has risen from strength to strength.

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Is Formula E the most misunderstood motorsport?

Can we just start off with me holding up my hands and saying ‘I get it’.

The noise isn’t quite soul-shattering, the speed might not be breath-taking and the lack of an actual engine is an unappealing factor for many, however Formula E continues to attract not only devoted fans and well-respected drivers, but major manufactures are flocking to the sport in outstanding numbers. Not bad when you consider that the championship is just about to wrap up its third season at a double-header in Montreal this weekend. Despite it’s success both on and off track, Formula E still hasn’t made it as a ‘fan favourite’ just yet. There is no denying that the sound and the battery have meant fans just can’t engage with the sport in the way they would like to but looking past those subjects, Formula E is one of motorsport’s strongest series. Yes, it is no IndyCar or Formula 1 but it isn’t trying to be.

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Is Kris Meeke Britain’s Next World Rally Champion?

If you watched Rally Mexico over the weekend, you will know Kris Meeke as the lunatic that lost control of his Citroen C3 in the final minutes of the last stage and ended up in a spectator car park. Importantly Meeke was just 750 meters away from a fourth World Rally Championship win and had just seconds to perform the perfect U-turn and get back on to the stage before crossing the crucial finish line. He did so in spectacular fashion, securing the fourth win of his WRC career and his first of 2017, as the rest of the world picked our jaws up off the floor after witnessing one of the most sensational finishes to a rally. Ever.

With 76 starts to his name Meeke, and his co-driver Paul Nagle, have all the right ingredients to win the championship this year. After Citroen spent a sabbatical year engineering a phenomenal car, in addition to Meeke’s experience, speed and agility, this is the first season in Meeke’s WRC career where he has been gifted a car that could see him win the drivers’ championship – the first Britain to do so since the late Richard Burns in 2001.

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