6 things we learnt from the Formula E Season Finale in New York

6 things we learnt from the Formula E Season Finale in New York

Ah Formula E, you always know how to keep us on the edge of our seats. Whether it is producing 9 different winners, from 8 manufacturers nonetheless, or making us wait until the last round of the season to see who of the four contenders will be crowned drivers’ champion, you have got it all.

It has been a bit of a mental year, a new generation of cars meant that nobody really knew going into the season who would have the most competitive package and be able to storm ahead of the competition. As the field was so open for opportunity, a whole wave of teams and drivers were able to demonstrate the driving talent that got them in to the highly-competitive world of Formula E and at each of the first eight races, we saw a new winner crowned which brings us on to the first point nicely.

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What to get a Motorsport Addict for Christmas + GIVEAWAY

What to get a Motorsport Addict for Christmas + GIVEAWAY

With Christmas fast approaching and the inevitable task of buying gifts for your motorsport-mad friends and family drawing ever closer, I wanted to compile a list of the best motorsport merchandise available to you this Christmas. All the items in this blog post are the perfect present for the motorsport lover in your life and range from best-selling books to quality clothing items.

In addition to my Christmas gift guide, many of you will notice the giveaway that is accompanying this blog post. This will be the first giveaway here on katyfairman.wordpress.com and I wanted to make it a special one. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with my favourite brands and events within motorsport to bring you a giveaway worth over £175.

Let’s begin!

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On The Box: Sir Chris Hoy tackles Le Mans

On The Box: Sir Chris Hoy tackles Le Mans

Sir Chris Hoy is one of Britain’s best loved athletes. Having dominated track cycling for 20 years, Hoy retired from two-wheeled competition after the 2012 London Olympics. In need of a new challenge, the six-time Gold medalist decided that he wanted to swap two wheels for four. Being a motor sport fan himself, Sir Chris Hoy was aware of various driving championships he could aspire to race in. Of course that is why he wanted to compete in the toughest endurance race in the world.

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Antonio Felix da Costa: DTM colleagues told me to stay away from Formula E

Antonio Felix da Costa: DTM colleagues told me to stay away from Formula E

Earlier in the week Antonio Felix da Costa announced that he would be departing DTM at the end of the season, giving his full focus to the FIA Formula E Championship.

The Portuguese racing talent has had success in both Formula E and DTM, taking a race win in both series. However da Costa has since revealed that his friends in the German touring car series warned him about the all-electric championship, some stating that because it was electric the series would be ‘crap’.

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Kelly Piquet: “We strive to be record-breaking”

Since the FIA Formula E Championship made its racing debut in 2014, the all-electric racing series has been sure to take full advantage of the way motorsport news and broadcasting is heading: online. As smart phones begun to offer their consumer on-the-go access to the internet, the way we received our news and features changed dramatically. Print publications took a hard hit as circulation figures plummeted, with blogs and social media sites replacing the way we received news stories. As well as blogs, other social media applications are now beginning to broadcast articles and exclusive content from their apps offering instant access to their audience.

Formula E has not only welcomed social media with open arms, it is setting a stunning example to the likes of Formula One on how to take full advantage of the ever-growing popularity of social media and online applications.

In a special feature with Formula E’s Kelly Piquet, I learn all about the importance of social media to the championship after only its second year as well as her journey with the electric sport.

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The Story of Man and His Machine

When Lewis Hamilton won his third world championship title last month, papers and media outlets went crazy congratulating him on being such a dominant force in this current season of Formula One. This scenario of ruling over the grid is hard work in the making: a prolonged and continuous journey of self-belief, examples of which can be seen from archives of a very young Lewis Hamilton on the BBC. Hamilton, as well as other men who have since become icons from showing such superiority in the sport, are often talked about as being the ‘best of their generations’ but when these inevitable questions and debates arise about the topic, I can’t help but feel the media do not mention how it is not just the driver who should be praised, it is a team of incredible men and women who work continuously to make sure their face of the team is remembered in years to come. Continue reading “The Story of Man and His Machine”