Issues with car have limited Evans’ Formula E success so far this season

Having entered Formula E after a 12 year absence from motorsport, the excitement levels and expectations for Jaguar’s return were high. Joining the all-electric championship from season three onwards resulted in a disappointing first year but season four has seen their performance go from strength to strength. Currently fourth in the team standings half-way through the season, Jaguar have earned over three times as many points in their campaign this year as they managed all of last season.

Whilst at the Geneva International Motors Show last month, I met up with one of their drivers, Mitch Evans, to hear his thoughts on the season so far, what we can expect from the remaining six races this year and his views on the newly-unveiled Gen2 Formula E car.

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Everything we know about the Gen2 Car

As soon as the FIA ABB Formula E Championship was given the green light, the series knew it would have to be at the forefront of technology both in general and in their race cars. It was ‘driving the future’ as the series tagline stated and although the current race cars look fun, fast and futuristic, they are still very much a generic single-seater with a battery added in at a later date. However a new generation of Formula E car is on its way and it is here to change the game.

The slick, innovative and modern design of the second generation Formula E car, known as the ‘Gen2’, was finally revealed to the world at the end of January this year through a series of digital images and a video. The launch was a huge success with many praising the slick and Batmobile-esque design, however it was confirmed the official launch of the car would be held on Tuesday 6th March at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Despite having to wait on more key statistical information about the new Gen2 car, there is plenty that can be learnt from these digital images and previous news stories about the car that will come into effect from next season.

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