My Motorsport Year: Carrie Mathieson

Day Four of my advent calendar is here. Today’s edition is with motorsport journalist Carrie Mathieson. Covering Formula 1, Formula E and often posting interviews with women in motorsport, Carrie is one of the brightest talents in motor racing journalism.

Taking a look back at her year here on, Carrie discusses her year of travels with the FIA Formula E Championship, as well as her advice for any aspiring journalists who wish to get into motorsport journalism.

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Why Motorsport Journalism?

I have often been asked if I loved writing and found motorsport through the platform or if I started as a racing junkie and fell into the journalism side of things. For of those of you that are interested, it is the latter. Motorsport, especially Formula One, was something that was introduced to me at a young age. I certainly was not one of those children that found themselves being carted around the country watching motorsport trackside, it was more a case of having it on the television at the weekends because dad liked to watch it; no romanticised story behind it I’m afraid.

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