The reality of being a woman in motorsport

The reaction of people when I tell them that I am a motorsport journalist is usually met with total surprise. Maybe it is my age, or the fact that I don’t “look” like I would be interested in motorsport, but usually it’s the fact that I am a woman. The responses are never negative though, normally a reference to Suzi Perry or Lee McKenzie and words along the lines of “wow, that is different.” I always find it funny though because, to me, my gender isn’t really relevant to how I do my job – it never has been and it never will be.

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Motorsport’s best championship? It has to be MotoGP

With MotoGP concluding in an epic showdown in Valencia last weekend, Marc Marquez being crowned the 2017 World Champion in a bonkers 30 lap race to the chequered flag, it cemented the decision for me that MotoGP is currently motorsport’s hottest property.

I have been following the two-wheeled championship since the Mugello round in Italy last year after acquiring BT Sport on my TV. Since that first-action packed race and a mind-blowing last lap battle from Marquez and then-champion Jorge Lorenzo, I have been hooked. For me, at this moment in time, it remains the only racing series that without fail has me on the edge of my sofa every race, jumping up and down and shouting at the television: surely how motorsport is meant to be, right?

Where other mainstream motorsports have failed in my expectations over the last couple years, MotoGP has risen from strength to strength.

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Has MotoGP been the best motorsport championship of the year?

It has been suggested to me year after year that I should start following the MotoGP championship. Like most motorsport fans, I knew about the series and was familiar with the sport’s superstars like Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez, yet I had never sat down and watched a race. After getting my hands on BT Sport I decided that 2016 would be the perfect year to start watching the sport and thank God I did. In a year that has seen nine different winners, more crashes than ever before and a driver of just 23-years-old winning his fifth championship title, it has most defiantly been the best motorsport championship of the year.

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