What’s the secret to Formula E’s most competitive season?

Six different winners. Six different manufacturers. Six different races. It’s the angle that the marketing team at Formula E have used to promote season five of the all-electric championship so far, and rightfully so. It is a scenario most modern motorsport series could only dream of.

Such variety, unpredictability and uncertainty has kept both fans and those within Formula E on their toes, with drivers even stating themselves that they aren’t sure as to why this year has produced some of the closest racing the series has ever seen. Could it be that Formula E boasts one of the greatest grids of drivers seen in motorsport, or the fact that we have recently upgraded to the new second generation of cars that are faster and all the teams are just pushing to the absolute maximum?

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My Motorsport Year and a Special Announcement

Welcome, to my final blog post of 2018. It has been a pretty good year with me being able to attend more race weekends then ever before, visit events as accredited media that I had previously only ever dreamed of, oh and there was the day where I travelled to and from Switzerland all within 12 hours. In this blog post, I will reminisce and reflect on my key motorsport highlights from the year and give an honest review of my experiences and any corny life lessons I might have learnt along the way. If you are patient, you can also read about a new project I will be tackling in 2019. It is something that has been in the works since the summer and I am so happy to be sharing it with you all now as we approach the new year and welcome new beginnings. Anyway, enough waffling – I have made myself a huge mug of tea and am ready to confess all from my year in motorsport.

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