2019: My Motorsport Year

Hello. Yes, contrary to popular belief I am alive and well. It’s been an odd past twelve months both within motorsport and also on a more personal level. Although I have been able to travel with Formula E further than ever before, as well as experiencing new and exciting motorsport championships for the first time, there have been some, let’s call them ‘hiccups’ along the way which have made this year quite a challenging one away from motorsport.

Now, if you have ever read one of these “my motorsport year pieces” on my website, you will know I treat them as a not-so-secret diary entry. I just sit at my laptop, often with constant refills of tea or something stronger if it is available, and just blurt down all my highs and lows from the past year. I will do the same this year, just as I will continue to do until I am old and grey, sharing with you all the embarrassing details along the way!

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How one moment changed my opinion on W Series

Back in college I produced a thesis about why we see a lack of women in motorsport. Motorsport is not a man’s sport, but undeniably you can state that is still very male-dominated. Things are changing though and for the better. This thesis took me months and during the research for the project I looked into the ideas that circulated about a women’s motorsport championship. The people that I had found that backed the idea, I will be honest with you, I didn’t have much respect for them or their values. Therefore, the fact they were promoting this idea of a segregated championship just for women didn’t appeal to me at all. Fast forward five years later and W Series is announced.

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